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Warm Up Contest Winners 2020

POETRY:  21 entries


1st place – Denis Feehan, The Bluest of Jays

2nd Place – Sue Leth, Denton Benson

3rd Place – Marilyn Richardson, Aquarium Illusion


Honorable mention (in no particular order)

  • Marie Tollstrup, Black Swan

  • Marilyn Richardson, Om Sweet Om

  • Colleen Callahan, An Ode to Substitute Teaching


NON-FICTION: 11 entries


1st place — Marie Tollstrup, Stringing Beads

2nd place — Marilyn W. Richardson, Visiting the Past  

3rd — Shelia Kinneer Robb, Strength for the Journey 


Honorable mention (in no particular order) 

  • Colleen Callahan, A Court Dance 

  • Sue Leth, Once in a Lifetime

  • Chris Jones, Winner, Ruffles and Truffles 

  • Marilyn W. Richardson, The Nursing Home 

  • Colleen Callahan, Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women


FICTION: 22 entries 


1st Place – Greg Deluca, Farb

2nd Place – Krystal Anderson, City of Rocks

3rd Place – Jared Davis, The Hair and the Elastic


Honorable mention (in no particular order) 

  • Joe Gordon, Dr. Geffen

  • Marie Tollstrup, Death on Holiday

  • Shelia Kinneer Robb, Broken Eggs

  • Andrew A. Christophersen, Bloodlines

  • Linne Marsh, Terminus

  • Elizabeth Empey, Cursed Heads

"Warm Up" Writing Contest Winners 2019


1st: Christopher Jones Hey Soos

2nd: Christopher Jones Maybe Two

3rd: Adell Kirkman Neighborly

1st HM: Marilyn Richardson

Fanny Elssler and the New World

2nd HM: Marie Tollstrop Paris Fallout

3rd HM: Marie Tollstrop Solo Quest

Flash Fiction

1st: Marie Tollstrop

For the Good Times

2nd: Marie Tollstrop After the Fall

3rd: Denis Feehan Shelly's Dad

HM: Sue Leth

The Ballerinas


1st: Sue Leth

Hormonal Women

2nd: Denis Feehan


First Chapter

1st: Michael Banebrook Cogency

2nd: Amanda Empey Bracing the Storm

3rd: Christopher Jones All That Glitters

1st HM: Michael Banebrook

Written in Romance

2nd HM: Jelene Kirkland

My Blue Heaven