St George, UT, USA

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League of Utah Writers' Quill Contest Winners!

Denis Feehan         2nd Place                             Flash Fiction                "Ain't No Water in the Pipes"

Denis Feehan         1st honorable Mention      Light Verse                    "No Time Like the Present"

Joe Gordon             1st Place                              Creative Non-Fiction  "Suggestions if You Write About the Blues"   J.S. Jaeger               SILVER QUILL!                    Book                               “The Alarmist”

Sue Leth                 1st Honorable Mention      Narrative Poetry           "Clueless"

Sue Leth                 2nd Honorable Mention   Prose Poem                    "The House We Left Behind"                           

Warren Stucki        3rd Honorable Mention   Flash Fiction                  "Kismet"

Warren Stucki        3rd Honorable Mention   1st Chapter Novel         "Gross Anatomy - A Cadaver's Tale"

Marie Tollstrup      1st Place                             Prose Poem                    "Missing the War"

Marie Tollstrup      1st Place                             Word Play                       "Whitewashed"       

Marie Tollstrup      2nd Place                           Word Play                       "Madness Turned Sideways"

Marie Tollstrup      3rd Place                            Prose Poem                    "Barefoot Baptism"                      

Marie Tollstrup      1st Honorable Mention    Prose Poem                   "Hand of Fate"

Marie Tollstrup      3rd Honorable Mention   Narrative Poetry          "Kickapoo River Dance"

Marie Tollstrup      3rd Honorable Mention   Prose Poem                   "Method to Madness"

Marie Tollstrup      3rd Honorable Mention   Word Play                      "Poetic DNA"

Liesa Hafen             6th Place                            Click App Award (A Game on the Conference App)

"Warm Up" Writing Contest Winners!


1st: Christopher Jones Hey Soos

2nd: Christopher Jones Maybe Two

3rd: Adell Kirkman Neighborly

1st HM: Marilyn Richardson

Fanny Elssler and the New World

2nd HM: Marie Tollstrop Paris Fallout

3rd HM: Marie Tollstrop Solo Quest

Flash Fiction

1st: Marie Tollstrop

For the Good Times

2nd: Marie Tollstrop After the Fall

3rd: Denis Feehan Shelly's Dad

HM: Sue Leth

The Ballerinas


1st: Sue Leth

Hormonal Women

2nd: Denis Feehan


First Chapter

1st: Michael Banebrook Cogency

2nd: Amanda Empey Bracing the Storm

3rd: Christopher Jones All That Glitters

1st HM: Michael Banebrook

Written in Romance

2nd HM: Jelene Kirkland

My Blue Heaven